Bijou all tube headphone amp kit

All the parts to fill the boards needed to fill the amplifier and power supply boards for the Bijou headphone amp. Also included are New JJ E88cc, JJ EZ81, and 6N6P tubes and potentiometers (Alps Blue). More details available, (see photo and please contact us to email the parts list). You will need to add a Hammond 370 DAX (or 270 DAX) transformer and enclosure along with phone and input jacks to finish this project. This project uses high voltage that are potentially lethal. Do not attempt if you are not experienced in building high voltage projects. Waiver and order form will be sent to confirm order, must be filled out and returned to order. Pick out an LED color if you want. Blue is standard. Please comment if you really want white.

Bijou all tube headphone amp kit
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