AMB lab's Mini Cubed Portable Amplifier [international]

This portable amplifier is the perfect companion to Ipods and other portable audio devices. This kit features all the parts needed to build the amp including the board and hammond enclosure. This kit features the high performance Op Amps. The kit also includes an aluminum knob by Kilo that suits the enclosure. Please specify your color choice, black or silver. No adapter included (15-24V DC 300 mA minimum needed). AMB labs custom end panels available in limited quantity (40.00 option) please e-mail.  Note if you plan to power your mini cubed with a X1 Lipo board you can opt to save costs by having the non-needed parts left out and low profile Nichicon organic poly cap included (21.71 total savings).

AMB lab's Mini Cubed Portable Amplifier [international]
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