EHHA Rev A Hybrid Headphone amplifier 6GM8-Mosfet

This kit provides all the parts to populate two EHHA REV A headphone amplifier boards. The kit also includes all the parts to complete dual 30 + 30V power supplies, and dual DC regulated filament supplies. The kit includes two Avel Lindberg toroidal transformers to power the amplifier and the tube heaters. Also included are 2.5 inch tall heatsinks, an Alps RK27 blue 50K volume potentiometer, and Toshiba 2SA1145 and 2SC2705 complementary transistors. The PC boards and heatsinks are included along with two new Amperex 6GM8 tubes. Resistors are mainly by Vishay Dale, capacitors included in the kit are by Wima, AVX and Kemet. This kit is set up to build the MOSFET version of the amp. More on this design can be found at:

EHHA Rev A  Hybrid Headphone amplifier 6GM8-Mosfet
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