Gamma 1 modular mini DAC kit

This kit has all the parts to build the Gamma 1 DAC full ++ version. The kit includes a black Box B2 enclosure, and is designed to accept the Gamma 2 DAC extension board. The DAC supports USB, S/PDIF coax and optical inputs. Features the WM8501GED 24-bit 192KHz high-performance Wolfson Delta-sigma oversampling DAC chip and Cirrus Logic CS8416-CSZ 192KHz S/PDIF receiver chip with low-jitter clock recovery. Modular design: separable DAC and USB interface boards that can be used standalone, or mated to each other for the full feature set. S/PDIF inputs (coax and optical) support resolutions and sampling rates up to 24-bits 192KHz, but the DAC configuration is limited to 24-bit 96KHz for best digital filter response

Gamma 1 modular mini DAC kit
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